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A Collaborative Sensor System by the Discovery Science Group®

WikiSensing is an on-line collaborative sensor data management system that enables users to connect sensors. It enables users to manually or automatically connect sensor devises via a web interface and API web services. The name WikiSensing implies in collaborative sensing that envisions the contributions of online users to create a rich set of data using sensors that are deployed around the world.WikiSensing is a sensor data management platform developed by the Discovery Sciences Group at the Department of Computing of Imperial College London funded by the Digital City Exchange and Elastic Sensor Networks grants. WikiSensing runs on top of IC Cloud, the group's cloud computing infrastructure.

Manage your Sensors Sensors

WikiSensing API
WikiSensing's API comprises a set of RESTful web services based on the HTTP protocol
Assess and Manage Trustworthiness of Sensors

Imperial College London, Discovery Science Group, 2011